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Slip Rings
Various Slip Rings

Picture of Slip Ring
  A slip ring is used to transfer electric current from a stationary unit to a rotating unit. This is accomplished by holding the center core stationary while the brushes and housing rotate around it, or holding the brushes and housing stationary while the center core is allowed to rotate.

These slip rings were first built to perform reliably in the hostile conditions encountered by construction equipment. Those same performance and reliability standards are built into every Slip Ring today.

Design Versatility
These Slip Rings offer design versatility as component kit rings or as ready-to-mount assemblies with optional pre-wired harnesses. A wide selection of circuitry is available, with many amperage and voltage (AC or DC) combinations.

High Performance
These Slip Rings are reliable and efficient links carrying power or control signals from stationary to rotating elements. These slip rings have excellent low-level electronic circuit compatibility.

Quality Manufacture
Rigid inspection procedures and quality materials assure durability and reliability in hostile conditions.

Simple Installation and Maintenance
"Drop-in, bolt-down, plug-in" slip ring units are built for easy customer installation and maintenance.
Compact Slip Ring

tercollector.jpg - 10062 Bytes

  This slip ring is compact (diameter of ~100cm / 42in.) and versatile. It is the ideal rotating collector solution for jib cranes and other rotating apparatus.

Technical Data
  • 3-phases + earth
  • Capacity: 16A
  • Voltage: 600V
  • Insulation: 50 M.Ohm
  • Rigidity: 2.5 KV

  • Main Features
  • Collector's ring in brass
  • Beryllium copper brushes with copper contacts
  • Fixing with 'Faston' connections
  • Plastic materials: self estinguishing
  • Rotor: Minlon
  • Brush holder: Nylon

  • tercollectordim.jpg - 17418 Bytes
    Overall Dimensions
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